Tosh Bilowski is a fictional character used to deliver real information from multiple sources at Panasonic in an entertaining way. We hope you find the information helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.

Def Perception is my blog.  –Tosh

Ok, want more than that? My blog is about everything video and especially HD video. That is what my life revolves around and so it will be the subject of most postings here.

Oh, I'll throw in the odd story of how the police surrounded me at the airport when I was testing out a new shoulder-mount accessory for the DVX100 (imagine the pose of a shoulder held missile launcher!), or the scheming clerk at an un-named department store who stole my credit card number, but mostly it'll be about HD. What's the latest news, who's shooting what, where can you go to find out more and who knows what's hiding over the horizon.

As you may notice, I'm a bit partial to Panasonic equipment having once worked for them. They've been good to me and I'm still close with several people inside the broadcast and video division, so sometimes I get the low down on what's brewing in the R&D department. Stay tuned for THAT!!

I'll rant, I'll rave and most of all, I hope to provide some good information and a personal view of the world of High-Def video.

I hope you enjoy it and learn a little.