Tosh Bilowski is a fictional character used to deliver real information from multiple sources at Panasonic in an entertaining way. We hope you find the information helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.


Can’t imagine that this is terribly interesting, but figure folks who are visiting my blog deserve to know where this character “Tosh” comes from. Btw, Tosh is my nickname or contracted name, or whatever you call a name that has been hacked off, leaving a satisfying moniker. My full name is Pratosh Bilowski – don’t laugh – ok, go ahead and laugh a little, it is kind of odd. My mother is Indian and my father was Polish and now it may be clicking -- as to why the funny name.

My dad was Leo Bylowechski, he shortened his last name when he got to the U.S. because no one could pronounce it and they all called him Bilowski anyway.

Leo finished his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering ’64 and began working in the electronics industry. He was on a speaking engagement in Bombay in 1967 when he met my mom, Kavita Rashendran. They married less than a year later and in 1970 they moved to Berkeley, California, where my father became a professor of Engineering at Cal.

Well, I had a pretty regular childhood. If regular means going to school and then sitting in front of the TV the rest of the time. That must be where I get my love for all things video – plus a father who liked gadgets and experimenting.

In high school I made my first student film in 16mm – Crater Face – in which the star, a zit, started from nothing and became a giant flesh volcano that erupted at the climax of the film. All the other kids loved it, but the teacher gave me a D because it made her puke.

I still like edgy videos and films (Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs are a couple favorites), and as far as graphic depictions go, you can’t beat High-Definition for taking you deep into the details!!

After High School I went to a technical school to focus on training in electronics. While studying, I had several stints at different companies and learned the tools of the trade. Worked as a service technician at Panasonic in LA, where I learned all things DVCPRO plus made some extremely helpful friends. Met some nice people there, but I needed to balance the technical with the artistic side of me. So later decided to pursue my love of moving images and went to USC’s Film School where I got my BFA.

Anyway, while I was at USC I decided that the best way to research film was to watch as many as possible. So I got a job at VideoTown, a video rental store, and I started taking home 6 or 7 movies every night. God only knows how many pizza pockets and twinkies I consumed over those two and a half years.

After my Dad passed away, I bought a video repair shop and also started a small production company. Honestly, the shop is doing fine, and the production company is just squeaking by, but things are looking up – more about that elsewhere.

I live in Hollywood and I’m obsessed with all things film and video – honestly these days, it’s looking more and more like video is the only word needed – film is dying a slow but inevitable death [cue violins and sobbing], but don’t mourn long, video is looking more and more like film everyday and soon you will only remember film as a fond memory.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please remember, I'm just a blog.